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Zoe Ferraro

Zoe Ferraro is a native Oklahoman and the second of four children in her family.  A junior at Bixby High School, she maintains a 4.0 GPA.  Zoe is an avid reader which is ironic because she was not able to read until the 4th grade.  Zoe struggled with learning to read but through a lot of perseverance and support, she overcame this obstacle and has used this event in her life to encourage other students.  Zoe, a granddaughter of an educator, is a champion of the Head Start Program which provides services to low income and at-risk students by enhancing cognitive, social and emotional development.  As the volunteer at the Community Action Project (CAP), she was given the honor of a Volunteer award last year. Programs like this promote higher standards of and easier access to things that are required for basic success. Hoping to help impact the high school dropout rate and see less illiterate teens, Zoe believes that there is no effort too small when it comes to providing a brighter future for America’s greatest natural resource, our children. As Miss Oklahoma Teen USA, Zoe would like to perform a volunteer activity in each of Oklahoma’s 77 counties thereby encouraging other Oklahoman’s to “give kids a Head Start”!

Zoe has studied all genres of dance spanning 12 years.  Two and a half years ago she began taking Irish Step dancing and has enjoyed learning the art form and history of her Irish ancestors. Competitive dance taught her discipline, time management skills and about a healthy lifestyle.  Zoe has been a vegetarian for over two years. When not studying, she enjoys trying new recipes in the kitchen, working out, shopping and hanging out with her friends. In the future, she plans to pursue a career in the fashion industry.   

As a first time competitor at Miss Oklahoma Teen USA, Zoe enjoyed getting to know the staff, volunteers, and the contestants. She is honored to have captured the title and cannot wait for the opportunity to compete at Miss Teen USA and create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.  

For appearances contact:

Janet Parkes