Baylee Ogle

Baylee Ogle, Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2017, is a Citizen Band Potawatomi Indian and resident of Norman, Oklahoma. Baylee attends the University of Oklahoma where she is perusing Pre-Med. Baylee has been a competitive dancer her entire life but in 2015 she had to stop dancing because of a shattered kneecap and reconstructive surgery. The injury took a major toll on Baylee as she had to change all of her goals and dreams for dance. Baylee is active with her sorority Alpha Chi Omega and a member of (DiNA) Disability Inclusion and Awareness group at her University. Baylee has a passion for helping others and enjoys volunteering anywhere she is needed such as the food bank, HUGS Project, animal shelters, etc. Baylee feels her purpose and true calling while volunteering at Make Promises Happen in Guthrie, Oklahoma. MPH is a camp for individuals with Special needs. In her free time, Baylee likes to film makeup tutorials for her Makeup YouTube channel (Bayoncé Beauty), work out/yoga, watch any OU sporting event, travel, and hang out with her friends.

During Baylee’s year as Miss Oklahoma Teen USA, she plans to use her title to raise awareness for handicap accessibility. Her late father, Eddie Ogle, battled ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) since 2012 and became completely paralyzed before passing away in January of 2016. Baylee assisted her mother in helping feed, bathe, change, and lift her 45-year-old veteran father. They experienced first-hand the trials and tribulations of disease and disability- such as not being able to sit together as a family at sporting events, movies or travel due to hotels, restrooms and restaurants claiming to be handicap accessible only to discover that not all places are truly functional.

Due to the eye-opening experience she had with her father, Baylee became extremely passionate about handicap accessibility. She hopes to bring light to the situation through a program she developed that focuses on teaching and educating Oklahomans called “Where There’s a Wheel, There’s a Way.” She wants to teach people to be compassionate and focus on the person as a whole and their abilities rather than diagnoses. She wants to further educate Oklahomans on handicap accessibility and inform them about policies/laws to vote for, as well as encourage people to speak to their local business and legislatures about what they are doing to improve the quality of life for the disabled and their families.

Baylee was affected by bullying and cyberbullying in high school, causing her to transfer to a different school at the end of her senior year. When she posted about her experience on Facebook in 2016 to raise awareness- it went viral gaining national attention. Baylee would like to help others by using her experience and sharing her story to young men and women as a tool to relate and teach students how she personally survived bullying and cyberbullying. Also informing students of their role in the outcome of bullying and if they aren’t part of the solution- they are park of the problem. She hopes to speak with school administrations about the severity of these issues and what their policies are, and what they can do to help.

This was Baylee's first year to compete in Miss Oklahoma Teen USA, and she is very honored to have won and is looking forward to being able to use her title as an outlet and source to travel across her state sharing her program and helping others throughout her reign. She is excited to represent Oklahoma at Miss Teen USA this summer and can't wait to meet all the other contestants and make lifelong friends. 

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